A Community Invention Lab

where gut instinct meets MBA-like training, hands-on creativity is funneled into industrial equipment, ideas are designed into prototypes, leaders are mentored into skilled trades executives and ventures are funded.
Our career readiness activities will prepare participants to launch manufacturing skilled trade ventures that generate revenue, profits, employee income and hence will solve pressing poverty and crime problems within inner city communities.

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"A drug dealer is really an entrepreneur who is simply selling the wrong products.

Professor Jeff Brice, Jr. , Hofstra University  


Drug dealers have powered the drug war trading, distributing and selling billions of dollars of illegal drugs. Imagine if that same entrepreneurial experience was matched with a legal product.


Which is the wisest investment to clean up poverty stricken inner city communities?

A  $60,000 per person per year to  incarcerate non-violent Black male drug dealers 

B  $16,900 per person per year to train Black male drug dealers to create  LEGAL business            ventures

Bis the best answer according to Light and Rosenstein who states in Race, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship in Urban America, that "entrepreneurial training is a useful intervention program for at-risk youth, redirecting them from becoming drug dealers." Yet, Government bureaucrats continually choose  answerA.

Imagine the positive growth of inner city communities with armies of profitable LEGAL business ventures.

Crime, poverty, high school dropouts and mental trauma would become extinct.

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